Mallow in St James's Park by boxplayer

Mallow in St James's Park

Trying out my new UK Hot Deal bargain camera - a Canon point and shoot but with a nice zoom on it. Have been wanting a small easy to carry and manipulate camera for a bit.

Warm and sunny again - a lovely morning. Had breakfast outside after clearing away a bit of fox poo - the little buggers.

Am trying to be good now as a week of walking the coast of Wales is looming and my knees are in the usual grumbly state. Halved the lunch I was going to take in as I realised the pouch contained 2 portions.

Walked through the parks, trying out my new camera. A point and shoot but with a good zoom - so much easier to take the odd candid too.

A bit of mad panic at work as a news release we'd been sent on Friday hadn't been picked up by the team and it needed publishing in 15 mins.

Choir at lunchtime - not just the Gjeilo mass but doing a bit of Will Todd's Amazing Grace, Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah and the Hallelujah chorus. Worked late after that - with stuff to do and being down a few hours.

Left at 7 and phoned my mum and my sister to find out how my other sister's big party had gone - very well apparently. Found Dave at home potting stuff in the garden and we had the usual Monday smoked salmon and scrambled eggs with an episode of Friends.

Played with the wifi function on the camera and worked out how to connect it to my tablet. Another useful feature.


1 July 2019
St James's Park SW1
Lovely shot, pretty flowers
July 5th, 2019  
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