Van Gogh and Britain by boxplayer

Van Gogh and Britain

These 2 pictures of the same subject are more or less 10 years apart - showing how Van Gogh's style changed over the years.

The night started off very hot, but it seemed to cool down as the night wore on, and then the rain started in earnest. I seemed to wake umpteen times before the alarm went off at 7 and Dave went off to do his morning grooming and coffee things.

Got ready and breakfasted in a relatively relaxed fashion, hoping the rain would stop before we had to leave as per the Met Office's optimistic forecast. But was still raining heavily when we had to go at the last minute, So irritatingly I had a wet brolly with me the whole day and though it was in a plastic bag it still seeped through a bit onto my bag.

Mad queues of course at the Tate as it hadn't quite opened. We kind of pushed in (how shocking) only because it was a bit confusing and we were all going in at 10 anyway.

A big exhibition, Van Gogh and Britain - a little bit of a tenuous theme. But they always have to structure these exhibitions around themes now. Lots of great stuff though: Starry Night and Pollarded Willows, Arles being my favourites.

Much interesting work from his first years of painting - before the last 2 years of fevered stuff he's most famous for - where he was obviously experimenting with different styles and influences.

Grabbed a nice cup of leaf tea and a banana after in the cafe before getting the tube to Highgate and on to Muswell Hill to meet my mum and niece. My niece is going to America in a few weeks for a year.

Found a table at La Porchetta, and waited 15 mins with no sign of mum and niece. Phoned mum to see how they were doing and startlingly found they were still at at home, my mum having got confused and thought we were going to phone to let them know when we were leaving the Tate.

We went and had a look round the very good Muswell Hill charity shops and the Oxfam bookshop, where Dave bought 2 huge volumes in the Culinaria series. Unfortunately we'd forgotten we already had the French one.

My niece sorted things out quickly and she and mum got an uber so we were soon all sitting down to lunch. Big yummy pizzas: Dave had a napoletana with olives and anchovies and I had a pasquale with aubergines. Plus a bit of prosecco, red wine and a share of banoffee pie to finish.

Sadly my niece had a very sore throat - like swallowing razor blades she said - she thinks it might be glandular fever. Not the best of things to get as she's going to Colorado for a year as part of her degree. She gave us the news that she'd done very well in her exams.

They called an uber to go back but there was a bit of oddness as it drove past and then said they were second to be picked up, so we left them to it and looked in White Stuff before getting a bus to Finsbury Park. Still a mess here as they refurbish something or other.

Prosecco in La Porchetta

27 July 2019
Pimlico SW1
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