Trio Dhoore by boxplayer

Trio Dhoore

From Flanders, at the Oval Tavern in Croydon.

Work now quite quiet, am able to get on with other stuff that's been hanging around on the to-do list for a while. Didn't go to Pilates again though - naughty.

After work, ummed and aahed about going to see Trio Dhoore in Croydon. Almost didn't go - felt a bit of a cold coming on. But got the bus to Victoria and then the train to Croydon. Found the pub only a few minutes walk from the station, down a quiet residential street.

Was a nice pub, cosy with tables dotted around with small stage area for the band at one end. Had wine and sloe gin plus a most excellent halloumi and mushroom burger and fries. Met Lucy from work there as well as Kirsten and David H.

A lovely set, including lots of new tracks, quite filmic and soundscapey at times. Funny moment occurred just after the interval - I'd lost the pin from my poppy and somehow it had ended up down my trousers - had to rush off to the loo to fish it out - could have proved nasty.

The gig finished early before 10 and I legged it to the station and just caught a train so was home by 11 for tea in bed. Noticed how much colder it was as I came home.

Plant pot

7 November 2019
Croydon, Surrey
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