Old Swan Band at 45 by boxplayer

Old Swan Band at 45

At the ceilidh this evening - marvellous evening of danceable music.

Went into work today even though still felt a bit cold-y as some of the gin club were meeting for a few drinks in Victoria.

Still quietish in work - though had a few dial-in meetings and one-to-ones. Lunch with R and R in Firecracker - thought I might as well have a good lunch as was going out.

Unfortunately found out that one of the gin club mainstays had had to go home and as that left only 3 of us (with me only coming for a couple) we decided to postpone.

So I went home instead and rested up for an hour before Dave and I drove to Camden for the ceilidh. Very quiet when we arrived, though a few more people did turn up as the evening wore on - including a jolly bunch of normal young people.

Great tunes from the band who really know how to play for dancing - some from their old repertoire and some from their new album Fortyfived (they being now 45 years old as a band). With calling from Jo and also some entertaining dances from Mary Panton. L and P turned up also and was good to catch up on the good and bad news in our social group. Danced a hell of a lot, in fact only sat out one or two. Knee behaved impeccably though lower back grumbled.

Drove home, earlier rain having eased off, and went to bed with tea and stollen. R not back from her meal with friends - got back much later at 1ish.

Firecracker bento box https://365project.org/boxplayer/extras/2019-11-15

15 November 2019
Camden Town NW1
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