Frozen raspberries by boxplayer

Frozen raspberries

Amazingly, the thornless raspberry bush is still pushing out berries - they were a bit frozen in this morning's thick frost.

Several meetings today and a personal training session at lunchtime. Knee still remarkably good after the dance last weekend.

Spent the whole evening trying to sort out Dave's new phone as his new sim had arrived. Such an old Windows phone that, even with the help of F, we couldn't find a way of transferring his contacts - had to type them into Google Contacts by hand.

End of an era - as though crap in almost every way, the Windows phones had fantastic ringtones including the special one he had for me of a cat meowing and purring and sounding incredibly authentically cat-like.

In between wrestling with sims and new phones, we managed to bolt down a bit of pizza.

Frosty rosebud

19 November 2019
Walthamstow E17
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