Chilean sea fig by boxplayer

Chilean sea fig

Carpobrotus Chilensis. Not come across this before - the most vivid, neon pink I've ever seen in a flower. Spotted on my brisk walk around the block.

Very busy at work trying to prepare for the new intern starting on Monday and get her induction schedule finalised. But just had loads of interruptions and then an urgent commission from no 10 as well as policy teams wanting to change their pages again. Worked all the way to my deadline of 6ish stopping for a lunch of mozzarella salad and a brisk walk round the block.

Just about managed to stop in time for our scheduled Zoom chat with Anna (and S), and L and P. Anna is doing quite well after her op which is great news.

Tried to play something called Drawception which seems to be an online version of our favourite Tesselations game. But was farcical and we just couldn't get the tech to work or even work out how it was supposed to work. But I did enjoy my first aperol spritz of the year.

We gave up in the end and just chatted and played a bit of Charades. Afterwards decided not to go for the fish and chips. Was quite late and we thought we'd try the veggie kebab 'meat'. Dave fried it up with onions and spicy stuff and it was actually really tasty in pittas with salad.

20 miles per hour

29 May 2020
Walthamstow E17
June 4th, 2020  
Gorgeous colour
June 5th, 2020  
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