Nacho by boxplayer


In today's concise crossword. Everyone laughs at me at work because I pronounce 'nachos' as 'nachoss'. Well that's how the Spanish/Mexicans would say it I'm sure ...

Very fretful and anxious all day - just generally about flat stuff but also because of the upcoming changes to government comms. Even though it was my non-working day, I dialled into the Zoom session with the head of government comms to see if we could find out more.

He got a rough ride basically - as the news had been leaked, when were they planning on telling us, seeing as they want this in place by March? And thinking about how hard the whole profession has been working throughout the coronavirus outbreak - as comms to the public is obviously of paramount importance as part of the fightback, what a bloody nerve to basically tell us that a huge number of us are up for the chop?

In better news, I finally found out what the odd all-black bumblebee with a huge proboscis we'd seen at the borage for many weeks was - Snouty we'd called it. It was in the Kew magazine a hairy-footed flower bee apparently. A proboscis to die for and they name it after its hairy feet which we couldn't even see anyway.

Sainsbury's delivered and while unpacking had another Catalan cocktail. Very pleasant, it does go to one's head quite quickly. Halloumi peppers and baked potatoes for supper, and finished Mum, the last series. Not sure Dave was as impressed with the series as me.

8 July 2020
Walthamstow E17
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