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Well I think that's what it is. At Wakehurst on our jaunt today. Rather annoyed as my card reader isn't being recognised by the computer so I can't download any of the pictures I took - this was the only one I took on my phone.

Up early to get ready and the sun was shining nicely. Bit of a mad rush as per usual - trying to find stuff I haven't had to use in a while (as I haven't gone anywhere) like sunhats and suncream. And had to get washed, go out and get my mum's Daily Mail and make us a packed lunch.

Ended up leaving lateish at 10.10 to pick up F and then drive what was supposed to be a 1hr30 trip to Wakehurst but was showing up as being more like 1hr40-50 because of an earlier accident on the M25. F sat in the back, we wound the windows down and all donned masks.

In the end, wasn't too bad and we had a 30-minute grace period to get into our booked slot - all pre-booked at the moment obviously. Met Dave's colleagues there - Helen who'd got there well early and then D and B with little E turned up not long after.

We found a spot in the shade in front of the mansion near some ducks and geese to eat our packed lunchs. Poor D went off in search of loos and got directed outside and he then had to wait ages in the queue to be let back in again.

Wandered a long circuit of the gardens after that admiring the interesting trees as we walked the path that meandered up and down quite pleasantly. At one point, for no reason at all, my right foot twisted under me and I plummeted to the ground on my right side - bashing my elbow noticeably - and my camera.

My camera seems OK and I didn't do any substantial damage - just a bit of a shock. A quick look at the Millennium Seed Bank and then we went and found D and B who'd found a nice spot by the cafe and we got ourselves ice creams.

Popped into the shop on the way out but resisted the temptation of the lovely looking books. Drive back much less busy. Popped into Tesco Express to get my mum's top-up shopping. Home for pasta and some more Ashes to Ashes.

A bit achey and my feet were really sore - the muscles in front oddly.

1 August 2020
Wakehurst, Surrey
Oh dear a fall does shake you up....it’s so embarrassing too, I think you’re inclined to get up as quickly as possible saying nothing wrong when after wards you think..damn I really hurt myself then! Sounds a lovely day apart from that!
August 2nd, 2020  
I totally agree with what @happypat said about the embarrassment. I hope you are ok.

These flowers are really pretty, like baby sunflowers
August 3rd, 2020  
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