Tea, lemon and elderflower cake and wine at the Orangery by boxplayer

Tea, lemon and elderflower cake and wine at the Orangery

Meeting up with L for the first time since before lockdown - stopping for tea, cake and wine during our wander round Kew Gardens.

I'd texted her a couple of days ago suggesting a meet-up and she'd been up for it. A lovely warm day again - so quite delightful strolling round the gardens.

Couldn't get the overground all the way round as there was another long gap between Richmond trains (seems to happen a lot) so got the tube to Hghbury and Islington to pick up the overground there.

We did a big long loop, not really looking at much but just catching up - G has just gone off to Exeter (S and R will really miss him) and she's still having oddities at work after all the ridiculous shenanigans last year.

Stopped in the Mediterranean garden on a sunny bench to eat our packed lunches - I'd picked up a falafel, houmous salady thing from the organic shop by the station. Wandered over to the Orangery after for the tea, cake and a share of wine.

Strolled down the Great Broad Walk admiring the flowers and bees for a look in the bookshop after before L cycled off and I popped into the bookshop at the station. Resisted buying and got the overground home - all the way this time.

Bees on sedum https://365project.org/boxplayer/extras/2020-09-16

16 September 2020
Kew Gardens, Surrey
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