The view from inside by boxplayer

The view from inside

Pissed down all day - start of Storm Alex I think. Still worried about the leak in the bathroom - but seems oddly intermittent.

Busy busy as always - worked till 6.30ish - helping out Ros with a 2i again as she and Peter have been neck deep getting ready for the new launch on Monday. A very cute cuddly husky I got for the intern's leaving arrived - of course I want to keep it.

F came over for the first time since he started at Kew. NIce set up there - a shared house and they can wander round the gardens after hours. Still pissing down in the evening so nobody wanted to go out and get fish and chips so I did fishfingers and my homemade oven chips. Left them chatting and retired earlier.

And in more exciting news, Trump has caught covid. I never wish anyone ill - even him - but I was tempted to hope he'd be ill enough to then recover and have a new perspective on what really matters in life.

Curled up out of the rain

2 October 2020
Walthamstow E17
This looks so cosy, keeping warm from the rain outside. Also, appropriate footwear on the mat. Love a pair of Birkenstocks!
October 4th, 2020  
We have had rain here all day too but not from Storm Alex!
October 5th, 2020  
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