Avoiding the puddle by boxplayer

Avoiding the puddle

So it chucked it down. Woke up several times in the night anxiously listening for it - think it started up fairly early. In the end, it wasn't actually all that heavy - just relentless and lasting most of the day.

But heavy enough for me not to want to venture out too early. So slumped around morosely in bed wishing the rain would stop and watched an episode of Heroes. Was getting worried as I couldn't get hold of the roofer again, but he messaged to arrange a time to meet.

Grabbed a cheese sandwich then headed out - rain wasn't too bad by then but it spitted and spatted on and off most of the afternoon. Stopped at the flat first - the tenant has it looking very nice - and fannied about trying to work out how to reach into the top cupboard where the roof is as it's quite high.

Luckily we'd left our stepladder there and I found it under the stairs. The towel the tenant had put there to 'soak up' the drips was well and truly sodden - so removed it and replaced it with the handy one I'd brought from home. The leak is quite bad - dripping every few seconds.

Went round the back to find the roofer - older Irish chap who seemed sensible enough. I pointed out where the issue was - and noticed the obvious - it's quite close to the chimney - wonder if the flashing's gone. He said he'd find time when it was drier to go up there and check it out.

I treated myself to a cup of tea and a yummy chocolate mousse from Evelina's then had a bit of a look-see in some of the charity shops and bookshops. Felt in need of a loo stop so decided to have a quick drink in the Mossy Well. A Wetherspoon's unfortunately but the only pub nearby.

Bit of a faff obviously - mask on, find the NHS app, try and get it to scan the barcode - no not that one, the member of staff said, that one. Finally in, but then had to download the Wetherspoons app so I could order direct to my table.

Whitley Neill orange and tonic - but alas, their freezer had broken down so it was a touch tepid. But relaxed for a bit before going out again to get the bus home.

Did a big shop online before we had a bit of tortellini with the first episode of series one of the fishing thing. I wanted to watch Ghosts but Dave wasn't keen.

Evelina's chocolate mousse https://365project.org/boxplayer/extras/2020-10-21

21 October 2020
Walthamstow E17
Cool reflection
October 24th, 2020  
You do some brilliant reflections...fav
October 24th, 2020  
Excellent reflection!
October 24th, 2020  
wonderful reflection!
October 24th, 2020  
Lovely! Perfect reflection!
October 24th, 2020  
My goodness that's a fabulous reflection, how on earth do you get down low enough?

I'm a bit over the online check in business!
October 25th, 2020  
Great reflection shot...
October 25th, 2020  
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