Paralympic agitos by boxplayer

Paralympic agitos

And very tiny just between the white poles are the Olympic rings on a further hill here in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. 2012 when we were all happy.

Quite tired as we'd ended up going to bed quite late after watching HIs Dark Materials and then Steve McQueen's Mangrove - very good. Texted the roofer to let him know that the leak seems to be sorted. He texted back (amazing how quickly he texts back when I'm not asking him for anything) to say he could sort out the blocked and mossy gutters for a bit extra. Oh go on then. While the scaffolding's (which we're not paying for) is up there.

Didn't have much of a chance to get any work done - had moved a couple of meetings too - as I had volunteered to go to Stratford to meet Rachel, down from Dudley, and take charge of the duty phone. She's had it since we all went into lockdown originally in March and has to manually divert it every week to whoever's on duty. I thought it was about time someone else took over that responsibility.

Cycled the straightforward way down through Leyton and on to Stratford. Not cycled further south than Leyton before but looked easy enough on the map. Still can't really get the bike into 1st gear easily, so there was a bit of walking it up over bridges over the railway lines.

Found Rachel and we had a cup of tea and a catch-up. I've been lucky enough to see the odd team member during my weekly jaunts into the office - but she hasn't seen anyone since March.

Decided to cycle the scenic way back through the Olympic Park and along the River Lea Navigation. Stopped for lunch at The Breakfast Club at Here East - doing takeaway stuff. Had the most enormous burrito stuffed with halloumi, avocado, veg and more.

Back at work, I stayed logged in till 7 trying to clear all the emails that had built up. There was also an enormous barney on the accessibility forum which descended into rather rude, insulting behaviour. Was not involved, just watching, but wasn't impressed as it was directed at our own departmental head of accessibility who was basically just trying to strike a pragmatic tone.

Wasn't all that hungry after the burrito and was actually dog tired by the time I'd finished. So Dave whipped me up an omelette and brought it to me in bed - what a star. Zonked out after that.

Poppy bollard

16 November 2020
Stratford E20
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