Gloomy avenue of planes by boxplayer

Gloomy avenue of planes

A freezing murky start to the day - not that the rest of it was much less murky even after the frost had dissipated. Dave jogged to the park and I cycled along with him. Bumped into Richard S and also M and S from across the road.

Felt quite down and rather tearful. Just can't shake a general anxiety about what the new year will bring - personal stuff, the pandemic. And of course I'm now able to appreciate the full horror of Brexit - deal notwithstanding - now that the mad rush of work that kept me from thinking about it is over. Found myself crying over the Christmas specials of Motherland and Ghosts.

Spent the rest of the afternoon working on photos while half watching Jurassic Park. Spoke to Tina and we arranged to go over to them on Wednesday for a doorstep present drop and chat. Mice are still being brazen - heard one in the sitting room as I was in there drinking our first gin bauble.

Popped outside into the cold dark for a bit of fence fizz and hot mince pies with the neighbours. Watched Planes Trains and Automobiles with a supper of smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. Haven't seen that 80s classic for a while.

Ping-pong in the cold

28 December 2020
Walthamstow E17
I like the depth in this, love a bit of mist!
January 4th, 2021  
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