If you can dream  by boxplayer

If you can dream

Rather trite - some design/marketing agency collaboration.

Non-working day but up early as had to go to the flat for a viewing. The guy was upfront in that as they're looking to buy they may not want 6 months. Dave sorted out some odd jobs: fixing the blinds, painting the damp patch, fixing the flush again.

Took advantage of Evelina's proximity to buy another opera cake. And as we had to park a way away, took a peek into the back garden of our old family home.

No sign of any new neighbours and there was a bit of fretting among our neighbourly WhatsApp group because when moving out they'd left an upstairs window fairly wide open, and it started raining heavily this afternoon. Estate agent eventually turned up to close it.

Got a surprise bunch of flowers from opposite neighbours - their wee tots have taken to shouting my name up at our windows when they leave to go on a walk - because I sit up in the window working. Very sweet and I obviously hang out of the windows and say hello back.

Halloumi peppers and homemade chips for supper.

Peeking over the fence https://365project.org/boxplayer/extras/2021-03-03

3 March 2021
Walthamstow E17
You are a good neighbour pleasing your younger neighbours...they will love shouting to you & getting reaction back! Hope you get a longer term tenant soon....it’s not cheap going through the procedures to let out so don’t want short term so much! The poster is very true! It looks wet!
March 3rd, 2021  
Sounds like they’re all quite friendly around you!
March 3rd, 2021  
amen to that
March 3rd, 2021  
That’s one of those completely nonsense sayings - since Adam’s been working in advertising I’ve paid more attention to adverts - car ones are terrible culprits for profound statements that mean absolutely nothing when you think about it. What a lovely community you have.
March 3rd, 2021  
Nice bright colours on a dull day
March 4th, 2021  
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