Bluebells in Chalet Wood by boxplayer

Bluebells in Chalet Wood

Don't seem to be as far along as they were this time last year but still pretty in the dappling sunshine.

Early start for a Wednesday. In fact I was running late and had to cycle quite fast to get to the optician for a very overdue visit - trying a local independent rather than Specsavers.

All very thorough and, apart from being blind as a bat with short-sightedness and failing close-up vision, my eyes are in very good health. My wallet isn't though - no wonder people go to Specsavers. But I wasn't that happy with the vision in the last glasses I had, so if these are better, might be worth it.

Cycled to the bluebells in Wanstead after and then back to Walthamstow to meet Dave for lunch. Had planned a pleasant outdoor meal at one of the local cafes but it had got quite cold - so we decided to go to Crate again as it had a roof and heaters.

Tried the Green Grill / Chickenish - and not for the first time was a bit underwhelmed. The veggie burger was nice, but far too many chips and totally over-salted. Felt over-full after.

Walked home to re-charge my phone that just dies in no time now before leaving again to walk to the library for my second vaccination. Dave had finally got his invitation text today and booked an appointment 20 mins after me.

There were several longish queues when we got there - for the different booking times. I got into mine and Dave his and we waited a fair while. In the end, once I got in, it was all quite organised and moved quite smoothly. I was out in time to go back in again with Dave - just in case he had a funny turn with the needles. And I got a new card to replace the one that I probably threw away by accident last time.

Came home to relax and wait for any side-effects. Nothing so far. And still full - don't think we'll be eating much tonight. Got in touch with the tenants to see if the cooker man had come to look at the broken ignition. Bad news, looks like the whole hob is rusted underneath and will need replacing.

Dave saw a new fox in the garden earlier - quite timid.

Second dose done and dusted

21 April 2021
Wanstead E11
Love those bluebells. Have got loads out in my garden atm too...
April 21st, 2021  
Love blue bells. Nicely captured here.
April 21st, 2021  
Beautiful woodland shot of the blue bells. As a child growing up in England that is one of my fondest memories the fields of blue bells in the woods. I got my first vaccination today! That’s great that you have both of yours.
April 21st, 2021  
April 21st, 2021  
When I was in the UK in the spring, I just loved the Bluebells, as I do these Fav
April 22nd, 2021  
Really pretty colour
April 22nd, 2021  
Love bluebells
April 22nd, 2021  
Quite a day! I spent half the day going for my second jab - I was planning on cycling but my back/leg was really sore after the chiropractor yesterday so then I thought I’d walk which would have taken me nearly 2 hours. In the end I cycled, realised I’d get there far too early and ended up walking some of it to slow myself down!
April 22nd, 2021  
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