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The only photo I took today. My sister T wanted to borrow these, so I sent the pics to Dave to check if it was OK.

T and B were around for the morning - T seeing clients over Teams in our spare room and B popping out for a walk. I worked as normal up in the bedroom.

Day started irritatingly when I couldn't find the little silver owl earrings I wear a lot of the time - a present from Dave. I always put them away in a little ceramic tortoise but they weren't there. As they were both missing, I didn't think it likely they'd both fallen out of my ears while out and about, but was concerning as they just didn't seem to be anywhere.

I finally found them in our spare keys pot. I'd obviously had a brainstorm and put them in the wrong pot. A smorgasbord lunch again finishing up leftovers from the weekend along with more sesame bread that B had brought. T and B left after that, me carefully checking sockets for left behind chargers and other such things.

Dance fitness class with some abs work later. And a quick cycle home in the rain trying to get home before I was soaked. More smorgasbord nibbles for supper.


18 October 2021
Walthamstow E17
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