I Am Thankful For......Good Sportsmanship by dmrams

I Am Thankful For......Good Sportsmanship

Today the gator girls played a tough game.....and even though they were pushed,elbowed and cursed at I was very proud of them because through it all they never stooped to the other team's level. We may have lost the game in points, but the girls were definitely the winners when it came down to sportsmanship behavior and character and THAT'S much more important.

This picture was taken after Miranda had played most of the game and as you can tell by her expression and body langauge she was not happy about the game at all. I'm proud of her though. This game was her highest scoring game so far---she scored 15 points and had two three pointers!! :)

Today I'm thankful for....

1. jeans day ALL WEEK!! :)
2. a good day with my students
3. Addie did very well on her science (wild life) project
4. Trevor made a 100 on a math quiz--class avg was an 85
5. Miranda scored 15 points but most of all she and her teammates had good sportsmanship behavior
Sorry the other team was doing that.
December 6th, 2011  
You should be very proud of her!
December 6th, 2011  
This is a lovely shot :)
December 6th, 2011  
Nice shot. Sounds like shoe is on a great team.
December 6th, 2011  
The attitude means so much more. Yes, it may be a disappointment, but the example is well worth the loss. Congrats to the girls.
December 6th, 2011  
December 6th, 2011  
she is growing
December 7th, 2011  
She may be disappointed, but I hope she recognizes that she's doing well herself. I didn't say that well :)
December 7th, 2011  
Cool capture. Sometimes a good sports picture is not about the winning.
December 12th, 2011  
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