Ribbons by elza


An experiment in light on the roof top. A little bit of skyline in the background and as much fun as possible. Wish I had my grand daughters with me for the running session. A few minutes well spent in learning about long exposure.
Nice work!
April 13th, 2021  
Very cool, I bet it was fun to do.
April 13th, 2021  
Very nice
April 13th, 2021  
@kork @fueast @bkbinthecity thank you for your comments. Yes it was fun! Just imagine what my neighbours would have thought had they seen me running about the roof waving the lights around!
April 13th, 2021  
April 14th, 2021  
April 14th, 2021  
Very intriguing. I’d love to know how you created this.
April 14th, 2021  
Nicely put together to get the hint of the skyline as well as the ribbons.
April 15th, 2021  
@lynnz @edorreandresen @jakb @taffy Thank you all for your kind comments.
The shot was taken with a very slow shutter speed while I ran from one side of the roof to the other swirling a torch with three leds which I covered with sweet wrappers. During processing using Gimp I over exposed the ground to get those purple bright spots while filling the top area with a gradient from black to transparent which eliminated a few wires and emphasised the skyline.
April 16th, 2021  
What a cool shot! Thank you for explaining the process.
April 18th, 2021  
fabulous with a nice contrast between the ribbon and the urban landscape background
April 19th, 2021  
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