Oops! by fishers


York's narrow streets are filled with delivery vehicles each morning, before the pedestrian zone restrictions come into effect at 10:30am. This can result in considerable congestion, some bad tempered exchanges and the occasional accident.

Here in Stonegate, this lorry has run slightly onto the pavement, probably to pass a vehicle that was parked on the other side of the road, and it has struck the attractive first floor bay window.

Police closed off the road while a structural engineer checked the safety of the building. In this shot two temporary supports have been placed below the window to hold it in place, and shortly after this the lorry was removed, exposing quite a hole in the wall immediately below the window.

Well really how inconvenient of them! Spoilt your view entirely! Still I know you would enjoy York, you might even live there, lucky people!
August 28th, 2015  
Just read the above properly & sounds like you do live there......hope the damage wasn't too bad Ian!
August 28th, 2015  
Neat candid shot...I remember visiting York about 25 years ago and the quaint streets and shops
August 28th, 2015  
Hope the lorries go past @happypat building from her todays shot a nitore carefully. Hope ee get an update on how it hot out.
August 28th, 2015  
Great capture with the lorry apparently filling the whole street.
August 28th, 2015  
Great oops shot
August 30th, 2015  
Oh dear!! Great photo though!
September 5th, 2015  
Oh dear, great shot.
Apologies for not commenting recently but there was entertainment every evening; wifi was sporadic in Dorset and the clutch on my car died an honourable death! All back to normal for. Few days so time to catch up.

September 8th, 2015  
love this shot-hope all is well with you and your family Ian-fav
January 29th, 2016  

Thank you Lizzy, nice to hear from you! As you can see, it's quite a while since we have posted. Our momentum seems to have gone, although I'm still taking lots of photos. We are all well, and keeping very busy. How are things with you?

February 14th, 2016  
Great shot you happened upon. This looks like it will be a costly "bump!"
February 15th, 2016  
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