Frogs by froggie0628


@northy challenged me to take a photo of a collection of 3 to 5 (or more) similar things. I have a HUGE frog collection. I have about 50 frog figurines in my curio cabinet, at least 1 in every room of my house, PLUS a Christmas tree FULL of frog ornaments. This is just a few. Everyone knows a crazy cat lady.......I'm the crazy frog (and sloth) lady!
@northy Here is a quick go at my challenge. Been super busy with work and life this week, haven't had a whole lot of extra time. I'll try again tomorrow!!
September 30th, 2022  
This one is a cutie for certain. Nice shallow DOF on your photo
September 30th, 2022  
September 30th, 2022  
awwwwwww! sweet! great response to your challenge! funny story about frog collectors... my brother has always been really challenging to buy gifts for... some years ago i started buying him frogs for birthdays and christmas... and then everyone assumed he collected frogs and started buying them for him as well... he now has a pretty decent collection of them! đŸ¤£...
October 1st, 2022  
Hi, we are partners in the get pushed challenge. My challenge to you is to take an item from your kitchen and photograph it. The choice of item and how you portray it is totally up to you.
October 3rd, 2022  
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