A Miracle by froggie0628

A Miracle

This necklace belonged to my dad. He wore it everyday for probably 30 years or so. Only took it off to have triple bypass surgery. I took it off of him at the hospital the day he passed away. I gave the necklace to Hunter on his 16th birthday. He CHERISHED it!!!!!
Over this past weekend, the necklace vanished in our hotel room we were staying in. We tore the room UP Looking for it. Nothing.....gone.....vanished!!! As you can imagine we were devastated!!! We had accepted the fact that’s e would probably never see the necklace again. Last night, I said a prayer that someone would find the necklace and turn it in and that the hotel security would call and tell us it was found. Well, about 10:30 this morning, I receive phone call at work. It was my mom. She said “you’re not going to believe this, but the necklace was found.” Apparently at some point, someone sat her bag on top of the necklace on the counter and it had gotten snagged on her bag. When she unloaded her truck today, the necklace was caught up in the carpet in the back. I have never in my life been as happy as I was when it was found.
I guess you can say that I really do believe in miracles now!!!!!
Praise God for happy endings!
February 19th, 2019  
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