Walking In the Desert  by gerry13

Walking In the Desert

I finally made it to the other end of the country of Uzbekistan

This was the small town of Moynaq and more specifically one of the places you can see and learn about the Aral sea,one of the greatest ecological disasters that happened recently

This desert used to be the bottom of the sea and the local community thrived by fishing and other sea-related activities.However the 2 rivers that ended up in the Aral sea,were diverted to water cotton fields.

This caused the sea,over the recent decades to dry up.Today the aral sea is estimated to be less that 70% in size of what it used to be.Furthermore the water became much more salty which killed all the fishes living in it,and that actually happened many years before the sea turns to desert

looks like a computer game set.
I remember when one of my sons was studying the Aral Sea at school.
November 7th, 2021  
@kali66 its pretty unrealstic indeed.
Such a sad story

Its certainly worth visiting though
November 8th, 2021  
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