Peacock  by gigiz


I made this for my group effort of five plus two
Just wanted this one here for the future, like the ghost of Christmas past ?
And it's my dad's birth date....the worst thing an old person told miss your losses more as time goes by.... I think I've become that old person
Stunning portrait!!
December 6th, 2015  
Such striking eyes.
December 6th, 2015  
Superb work
December 6th, 2015  
December 6th, 2015  
happy new year dear Gigi, hope you have a blast. is 5+2 something you want to continue? i hope so
January 1st, 2016  
@kali66 Kali, I hope to b a different or shall I say more substantial person come 20th, sold business, maybe more creative time, hold on with me, I know I've been bad, looks like not caring/no guilt but trust me there is. I'm hoping my freedom is my muse
January 3rd, 2016  
@kali66 and more importantly, happy new year to you, 2016 wow, to me it sounds like a nice number if numbers can actually sound nice, maybe just the look, but totally hope it is for all of us xx
January 3rd, 2016  
much love to you gigi
January 3rd, 2016  
Happy New Year GiGi, fabulous portrait.
January 6th, 2016  
Just fabulous in every way. Wow.
February 4th, 2016  
Always looked forward to your photos when I started this project, glad you came back or are still here.
February 21st, 2016  
April 27th, 2016  
just to let you know we have two new great members called Izzy and Domenico, Graeme is leaving this week so we are on the lookout for another, think we will change the group name and rebrand a little, but still hoping to see you on saturdays, i will share saturday with you and post only if you havent by Monday. we are hoping to get back to a full calendar. miss you xxxx
June 8th, 2016  
@kali66 Kali you are the best hen ever..... I appreciate your patience. i don't know how to word this but it's honesty, I'm good with another creative bout, but HONESTLY if you are too, I mean as far as selfies go, keep going with Saturday's, I must admit the every time I've wanted to back out and say goodbye someone else has packed their bags lol but I'll hang in if you don't want to do it and I will behave as far as the full calander goes just hang off saying goodbye or filling OUR space, share is good... How will we work that out? Or just if u have refuelled enthusiasm stick with it......hmmmmm you know how much I hate typing lol
I miss u too xxxx
June 25th, 2016  
hello you , i hope you are well and happy.... xxxx
January 5th, 2017  
how are you? are you still making pictures? i wish you would stop and talk a while, but its just nice to see your face
April 25th, 2019  
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