all the fun of the fair by graemestevens

all the fun of the fair

At long last, after 8 months of design work, we have submitted the plans for our new house to our noble local council for consent. We've also sent out tender documents to hopefully we're about to finally start moving forward. I for one am mighty tired of being homeless.
BoB of course :)
Your history must have meant you were habituating in a rental place and the neighbours all got together!!!. There is a lot ahead of you but it is well worth it- I can vouch for that! Wonderful sky here!
November 12th, 2018  
Glad you were tender not fierce!
Exciting news, lovely photo
November 12th, 2018  
Excellent image mate, especially on black (of course) Goods luck with your new build. What a great photo project that will make when it gets going 👍
November 12th, 2018  
Hope your process threw rhe bureaucracy is smooth and you have competent builders and they mostly stick to their schedule. Otherwise I Fear many visits of gasmask man.
November 12th, 2018  
great silhouette. good luck with your plans.
November 12th, 2018  
Good luck with the build, took 11 months for us to have a kitchen extension built.
November 12th, 2018  
this looks like the place where your alter-ego lives
November 12th, 2018  
Another cool image Graeme , good luck with the build hope all goes well
November 12th, 2018  
So exciting to build your own home. When we stop moving so much, I want to do that.
November 12th, 2018  
Wonderful b&w!
November 12th, 2018  
Beautiful complex image of the fair, such a crisp B&W and great lines. Fav
November 12th, 2018  
Awesome black and white, awesomer on black. Fav.
November 13th, 2018  
Good news re the progress and I sure can understand your hatred of homelessness
November 13th, 2018  
@jgpittenger Very good news...I can only cope for so much longer!
@linnypinny Thank you very much :)
@caterina Thank you very much :)
@radiogirl Thanks very much :)
@homeschoolmom That was out theory as well - we're done with moving about so now it's time
@Dawn Thank you very much, so do we!!!
@blueberry1222 Well don;t tell everyone!!!
@yorkshirekiwi Oh hush, all our delays are out of the way now ;)
@pusspup Thanks very much :)
@joansmor We'll be going with a fixed length contract - if they miss they date the pay a penalty MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
@paul10 Thanks very much - once we start many photos will follow, so I should apologise now!
@maggiemae We sold out own home and moved out on February 15th - since then we've been doing a lot of long term house sitting...but I'm just bout sick of that!
November 13th, 2018  
I understand that you think that the game you take is like riding a rollercoaster.
November 13th, 2018  
@haskar Except more expensive...
November 15th, 2018  
What an outstanding photo. Great detail in the shadows
November 16th, 2018  
@lsquared Thank you very much :)
November 17th, 2018  
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