f**ked up by graemestevens

f**ked up

I'm not sure that I'm happy with this.
Still, I've produced worse so let's just roll with it.
What if you kept roses?
January 9th, 2020  
the thing is - we don't know which part your not happy with. Tis good and clever
January 9th, 2020  
@haskar haha now i did enjoy that! looks like vintage stevens to me ;)
January 9th, 2020  
How do those whispy arms hold up those big guns?
January 9th, 2020  
Cute vest 😁
January 9th, 2020  
I suppose if I wanted to, I could make a comment about bloody firearms !!
January 9th, 2020  
I wouldn't be happy with such loss of limb either. (although I am secretly admiring the way you have left in the veins)
January 9th, 2020  
love them muscles
January 9th, 2020  
Going skinny?
January 9th, 2020  
mr whispy :)
January 9th, 2020  
Soon all that will be left will be your gas-mask... but at least we shall have something to remember you by.
January 9th, 2020  
Creatively creepy.
January 10th, 2020  
I like the arms!!
January 10th, 2020  
@kwind They've seen better days ;)
@redy4et Thank you very much :)
@vignouse There's very strict instructions for the disposal of that in my will...
@koalagardens Thanks? ;)
@domenicododaro Sudden weight loss was required after Xmas ;)
@blueberry1222 Not mine I'm afraid...
@helenhall I value the circulation to my hands...
@markp I'd probably let you...
@annied Cute??? How dare you.
@kjarn Smoke and mirrors ;)
@pistache Did you just call me old? ;)
@brigette Neither do I - I think thats the trouble!
@haskar I'm not much of a gardener ;)
January 10th, 2020  
@graemestevens I dare...it's the wine makes me 😍
January 10th, 2020  
You should see the other guy…!
January 17th, 2020  
@bankmann I'd rather not see him again after this...
January 18th, 2020  
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