Cambodia: Pottery by helenhall

Cambodia: Pottery

Pots stacked in the village and made by the young lady shown here -

Until recently, the pottery making skills of this area had almost died out, but the village has benefited from some input and advice from Japanese potters and having improved the quality of their product, are now producing pots to order and have a steady income from their work.
I love the shape and patterns and how good the art is thriving again
December 5th, 2016  
So smooth looking.
December 5th, 2016  
I am a softie for pottery. these are lovely. I like the way you have chosen to frame the picture.
December 5th, 2016  
Beautiful image.
December 6th, 2016  
Beautiful. I love pottery and brought back lots of pots from our three years in Cyprus.
December 6th, 2016  
Nice shapes, repetition...
December 6th, 2016  
Great shapes!
December 7th, 2016  
Lovely image showing the soft lines of these pots!
December 17th, 2016  
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