Baile de los Arcos by iamdencio

Baile de los Arcos

Baile de los Arcos (Dance of the Arches), is a distinctive living tradition in Makati in honor of its Patrons, Sts. Peter and Paul and the Virgen de la Rosa. It is in the honor of Virgen de la Rosa that the dance came to be. The dance has 3 parts - diccho, the chanting of prayers, trono, the singing of prayers and baile, the combination of prayer, dance and song.

The baile is considered as very special ritual, performed by nine maidens and not just any girl can just qualify to dance. In the past, it is said that only fair - skinned girls of good reputation and virgins are chosen by the community. There is an old belief that if any of the maidens is not a virgin, her family will have a misfortune or the town will be stricken by a natural calamity,
Love their costumes:)
July 2nd, 2016  
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