Ready for 7th grade by ingrid01

Ready for 7th grade

My 11 yr old needed to have 2 immunizations in order to go to 7th grade next year. Tdap booster and Meningitis. She had a shot in each arm, but thought this looked better for the picture.
3 years ago when my son needed to have them we just went to our family doctor and were done within 10 minutes. Now the family doctor doesn't have them any more and told us to go to Walgreens Minute Clinic. However, if you are under 14 the Minute Clinic doctor needs a prescription. So back to the family doctor. They had not seen her for more than 2 years and a physical was needed. 2 hours later we had the prescription.
The next day we returned to Walgreens. We ran into a problem with the insurance and after another 2 hours, I just paid for it and claim back. What a ridiculous system and what a waste of time.
Welcome to the medical upgrade. Smile.
May 4th, 2018  
Good grief! Ridiculous!
May 4th, 2018  
Oh, my goodness! Sounds totally frustrating! :-(
May 12th, 2018  
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