E - Empty by ingrid01

E - Empty

Supermarkets are in shopping malls in Muscat.
The supermarkets open earlier than the shops in the mall, so when Yelena and I visited another supermarket than we usually go to, yesterday morning, we had to laugh at this empty social distancing car-park. All the signs are set in concrete and it is neatly painted! Some workers must have been really busy with this!
Since June 24th shopping malls are open again, but only 50% of the maximum capacity of people are allowed. To manage this parking spots (or often whole lanes) are blocked off.

Today was a “swim day” but unfortunately when we arrived the police was clearing the beach (too many people probably), so we turned around. Plan A was to find an empty shell or so for today’s word, but I had a plan B! After dropping her off at home, I drove to the parking lot – it was still early enough…
And on Friday we will try the beach again.
Perfect for today's word.
August 5th, 2020  
Are you sure you can manage to socially distance here? Looks crowded to me......!!! Excellent choice for the word of the day.
August 5th, 2020  
Ha ha can't help feeling they are taking this social distancing too far.
August 5th, 2020  
Most definitely empty. 🤣
August 5th, 2020  
well, it's not yet after 9 and the locals don't come alive until almost noon. with so many people here who defy the social distancing or mask-wearing rules, sometimes i wish i am in a country like oman where folks obey the rules. i know, some also don't, but here, it's just whining and complaining and thinking only of good time and parties. charges were laid to some house owners who had a party two weeks ago with almost 200 people. the house wasn't even that big. your empty parking lot fits the word to a T or rather E. 😜
August 5th, 2020  
Such a sign of the times. A great shot for “empty”.
August 5th, 2020  
Perfect for the E ( for these times)
August 6th, 2020  
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