Gabe & Katrina are home  :D by loey5150

Gabe & Katrina are home :D

For those who have been following my story of Gabe, (my son) & his partner Katrina, for the past 6 weeks, they arrived home safe & sound this morning.
They have been travelling through Thailand, Laos, Cambodia & North South Vietnam.
They are very well & happy.
They had a great time, however, they are glad to be home.
No doubt over the next few weeks you may see some of their photos on here.
You can see his van myself & Bernie in the reflection of their sunnies :)
Nice homecoming. Bet they had a great time.
November 23rd, 2010  
Bet you were stoked to see them again, it's been a great virtual trip with them and you babysitting their 'baby' for them has given you many great photo opportunities :)
November 23rd, 2010  
So glad they are back home safe and sound, hope they had a wonderful time
November 23rd, 2010  
Nice to have them home safe and sound....
November 23rd, 2010  
I am sure you and the dog are glad to have them safe and sound. Nice photo.
November 23rd, 2010  
welcome's the pad-thai ?
November 23rd, 2010  
that is 6 weeks already? MOGoodness - too fast now me thinks I have much to complete .... welcome home!
November 24th, 2010  
Bet you are well chuffed to see your family on the pop page! Happy homecoming!
November 24th, 2010  
This is so nice Lois. They look like beautiful people.
November 24th, 2010  
Thank you everyone - it is wonderful to have them home safe & well. We are looking forward to seeing their photos.
November 25th, 2010  
Nice pic :)
November 27th, 2010  
Wow! From this vantage point that seems to have passed by quickly! It makes me realize how important it is to savor each day as, suddenly, the year has gone by! How nice for you to see them again and share this photo!
November 28th, 2010  
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