Game of Thrones by serendypyty

Game of Thrones

2 April Words - Reading

Last year I read the seven books that complete the set "A Song of Ice and Fire" (asoiaf) - more commonly called "Game of Thrones" due to the widely watched tv series. I'd never had any interest in the story before as I didn't think it was my thing. However, I became increasingly frustrated that I didn't know what everyone else was talking about and couldn't answer quiz questions etc. So I bought the box set of books and couldn't put it down. I was completely hooked. It took me a good six months to read and I felt so disappointed when it was over. The first book has my coloured tabs in the back directing me to the pages that explain more about the characters and their family houses. There's just so many people mentioned that it was impossible to remember everyone. For my birthday I was given the hardback book Fire and Blood" which is about life before asoiaf. I'm going to begin reading this today and when Im finished I might just start on the other 7 again. 😀
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