Haribo by serendypyty


1. Fill the frame with colour

I stood the clear Haribo tub on my tablet whilst choosing which one I wanted to eat and took a quick photo of what I was seeing. I think it fits the "make 30 photos" brief and went for multicolour and not a single colour to fill the frame. I might carry on and give this theme a go for July.
Very colorful!
July 1st, 2022  
Very nice
July 1st, 2022  
A great abstract of colours!
July 1st, 2022  
Fabulous colours - hope you didn’t eat them all after taking the shot
July 1st, 2022  
It pops especially nice when viewed on black and I love all the different colors and their transparency
July 1st, 2022  
I feel like I'm looking at this from below. Very colorful.
July 1st, 2022  
That's a very interesting effect
July 2nd, 2022  
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