Membership FAQ's!

- A 30 day log of views, fav's and comments for each day, across your whole account and each image.
- A record of who has favourited your photos
- Your top-rated pictures of the past 24 hrs / 7 days / 30 days and all time
- Personal tag cloud linked to your photos only
- More stats coming soon!
Simply select the image you wish to edit then click "Edit with Picnik" in your "Ace Tools" for the magic to begin. Once loaded, your image will appear and you can use the features of Picnik to edit online. When you have finished, click the "Save to 365 project" button to confirm your changes then return to your project to see your amended image in your album.

With Picnik you can...

- Re-size and rotate
- Adjust effects e.g B&W
- Touch-up
- Fine tune lighting
- Straighten
- And much much more!
New photo sizes will be added to the "more sizes" options on your project page.
Many users want to run multiple projects side-by-side, if this isn't your thing you could use them to continue your project for a 2nd year.
You can create your additional albums by going to the album area in your "settings". There is a button there to start the easy process. A list of your albums can also be found on your profile page
Stats are calculated periodically throughout the day. You may notice a short delay between updates.
Your stats are kept private, only you will be able to access your statistical information.
You are recognised as an Ace Member by the small icon that appears beside your display name.
Don't panic, Your account will be limited to the Free account capacity until you decide to reactivate your Membership, all your photos will be here waiting. If you have created additional albums they will be inaccessible until you renew your membership.
Like all websites out there, it costs real money to store your pictures and provide the high quality of service your project deserves. We started off as just a few people, now we have thousands of members and the costs have grown. Your Ace membership will help fund the continued development of the site and show your appreciation for having this great resource, not forgetting all the new features you get. We will always provide a free account to our users.
Choose the photo you wish to edit, in the Picnik screen, select Library, then the "Get from computer option", you can then create, edit and replace a new photo in place of an old one.