365 Project offers Ace Members the ability to restrict their Photos and Profile to only be visible to an approved subset of their followers.

What is the "Project Privacy" option?

Ace members have the ability to set the privacy options of each photo they upload. Each photo inherits the Default set for your account. You also have the option to control the privacy settings for each individual photo so they can be adjusted to suit your needs.

When you change this setting on your account, all photos you have left as with the Default permission will inherit this setting.

What does "Public" mean?

Public photos are visible to the world, anybody can find these photos and look at them via the 365 Project website. These photos may be crawled by search results such as Google and appear there.

What does "Restricted" mean?

When you set a photo as restricted only followers you have explicitly set as Approved can see that photo.

How do I set privacy options on individual photos?

When uploading or editing a photo you will see a box of privacy options, you can switch these at any time. The options are explained below.

What is an Approved follower?

An approved follower is someone that you have allowed access to see your restricted photos

How do I approve followers so they can see my restricted photos?

On the menu at the top select "Your Followers", next to each user on that list is a button where you can control the privacy level you are comfortable with for that user. You can change these options at any time.

What do followers who I haven't approved see?

Potentially nothing, if you set all of your photos as restricted these followers will never see your photos in their newsfeeds or other pages, however if you post a photo as public then all of your followers will see that photo

Can I hide all my photos from everyone?

Yes, simply set your photos as restricted and don't give anyone Approval

Who can comment and fav my restricted photos?

Only your approved followers will be able to comment and fav your photos as all other members will not be able to see these photos.

I approved a follower but no longer want them to be able to see my restricted photos, is that possible?

Yes, go to your follower list and change the privacy option of that user back to Public only.

Can I ban a specific user from viewing my public photos?

No, this isn't possible. The user could just sign out or create a new account.

Where do my restricted photos appear?

Restricted photos appear as normal for your approved followers, but will never be visible to users you have not approved or those that are not logged in. Restricted photos will not appear in the "Browse" sections of the site... Day / Popular / New Faces / Tags and will not be eligible to enter the weekly theme competitions or the Weekly Top 20 Chart.

Can I set a default preference?

Yes, go to your account settings page and there are 2 options for privacy, the photo option is a default for all newly uploaded photos, changing the default option also applies to historical photos left with the default option.

If I change my settings will it affect photos I have already uploaded?

Yes and No, any photos left with the "Default" status will inherit the setting from your account, photos set to a specific permission level remain unchanged. You can change the privacy settings of existing photos by editing each photo

Can I batch change the permissions of all my photos?

If you wish to do this please get in touch with me and I can help you.

What if I want to embed a photo in the discussion boards / my website

You can still embed your own restricted photos to discussion boards and everyone will be able to see them. However none of your followers will see the embed code so you have a little more control where your photos are published. (This doesn't stop people copying your photo and using it anyway)

I want my Restricted photos in the Top 20 / Tags / Popular page

You will need to set your photo as Public for it to appear on any public page.

What happens when my Ace membership expires?

If your ace membership expires and you have photos set as Restricted they will remain that way, however you will lose the ability to change the visibility of that photo. Any new photos you upload will default to publicly visible.

If you have any further questions please get in touch and I will do my best to solve your problem