Half a Life Cycle (with an Aphid) by 30pics4jackiesdiamond

Half a Life Cycle (with an Aphid)

The poppies in my garden are so stunted this year, due to lck of rain I suppose. This little one is putting on a valient effort to make seeds and a new flower. The aphids are having fun, as are the ladybird nymphs!
Very nice details in this, Jackie.
June 27th, 2018  
Great capture and lovely detail. I hate all those little critters and friends that destroy my flowers ;-)
June 27th, 2018  
You might have to spray for aphids - the ladybirds can't keep up! This bud looks ok - going to spread its petals beautifully! The rain drops will disappear!
June 27th, 2018  
As aphids go, that one is colorful. Hope you get some rain.
June 27th, 2018  
Like aphids, they're really pretty up close!

They often get blamed for "flower murder", but as they at worse extract minute amounts of stuff and don't really do much. They can't really destroy a flower, unless the plant was already weak and sick and not going to make one in the first place, so it's pointless killing them (the flowers here are always "swarming" in them and other things but produce piles of flowers)! :D
June 28th, 2018  
I tend to blast them off with a hose where they are covering my leaves on my tree! It doesn't kill them, it just moves them elsewhere. My son thought this was a picture of a parrot as he walked across the kitchen and glanced over.......
June 28th, 2018  
I don't worry too much about aphids either, but I've never noticed them on my poppies.
June 28th, 2018  
@merrelyn perhaps he got lost?
@casablanca a parrot!! He's right it does!
@miseria I think of them as food for other bugs! I prefer not to spray (unless I@m watering!)
@joysabin I thought it was quite well disguised
@maggiemae It was a blooming poppy this morning, and now all petals fallen off!
@ludwigsdiana My plants have two chances, and I do little to help them with thier choice!
@mittens many thanks

June 28th, 2018  
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