Alphabet August - V for Viscious Wasps by 30pics4jackiesdiamond

Alphabet August - V for Viscious Wasps

It is a real sign of summer when the wasps swarm over your cream tea!

I very nearly uploaded the viscious hornet eating a wasp- but it's a bit nasty!! I'll save it for an album cover challenge!!
That's amazing - look at them all after your jam.
August 22nd, 2018  
Urghhh my worst nightmare!!!
August 22nd, 2018  
Hope they were outside and not in your kitchen.
August 22nd, 2018  
Horrible creatures, that I’m not sure have a role on the planet! This is a very sharp image, like it!
August 22nd, 2018  
A cool capture of these nasties
August 22nd, 2018  
Well captured seems to be a lot about this year horrible little things.
August 23rd, 2018  
Ugh I used to hate wasps when I lived in the UK. Luckily we don't get them where I live. We do get other nasties though, but they aren't as persistent as damned wasps.
August 23rd, 2018  
great Capture.
August 23rd, 2018  
They are everywhere right now, I hate them. When my boy was small, hubby used to tell him that bees make honey and wasps make jam! He got wise to that one at quite a young age LOL
August 23rd, 2018  
I'm glad that they were only on the jam jar, could have been a nasty surprise if they went for the scone !
August 23rd, 2018  
Wow, cool capture.
August 23rd, 2018  
These are called Yellowjackets and they can be quite mean. They do have a sweet tooth and during the warm days of summer, you'll find them around anything that has something sweet in it. You have to be careful if you are drinking sweetened drinks outdoors. I have heard stories of people placing their soft drink cans down and these pests have climbed into the openings and have stung unsuspecting drinkers in or on their mouths
August 24th, 2018  
@skipt07 the wole timeI ignored them I elt safe, but the lady next to me had swarms all over her scone
@mittens thank you x
@merrelyn they were crawling on a lady next to me's scone!! I feared for her tonsils!!
@casablanca I think that's funny!!
@kgolab many thanks
@onewing you don't have wasps?? Wowee!!
@wendyfrost I also saw hornets and they were very very scary!!
@Dawn thank you Dawnee
@carole_sandford I'm sure they have a role somewhere. Enjoy the punk-stem thingy!!
@sarah19 outside at a cafe= swarms of the little blighters
@365anne I did screw the cap on and trap them, then leet them go as thought unfair on cafe staff
@robz only the left overs though, I'd eaten the rest!!

Thank you for putting my jammy wasps on PP (mind you after that awful purple scarf snap getting on PP I'm not sure it is the accolade I always thought!!)
August 24th, 2018  
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