Swinging in the Rain by 30pics4jackiesdiamond

Swinging in the Rain

Wendy's challenge was to do a panning shot, a technique I have never succeeded at. I thought I'd have to take a 'rain check' on this as it's chucking it down. However, never one to let down a challenger I braved the Biblical deluge.

Wendy, I took 130 shots!! I started on traffic at a pelican crossing (I think many thought I was a pensioner pretending to have a speed camera!).

I then popped to the play park- funnily enough devoid of children. I practiced on the large tyre swing than moved onto the group of four smaller swings, hoping to have front one in focus with other three in the background blurry.

I got one nearly successful traffic shot, one OK tyre swing and a couple of goodish swings. I cropped this as the raindrops on the lens were so distracting, and I think it shows I was finally successful at panning on shot number 128!!
@farmreporter Here you go Wendy! I'm may now die of double pneumonia due to unusual exposure to rain, my newly styed hair is back to frizzy but my camera is truly damp-proof!!
August 12th, 2018  
I think you succeeded - excellent panning!
August 12th, 2018  
Cool shot... apparently practice does make perfect!
August 12th, 2018  
August 12th, 2018  
That is gorgeous, I love it! Fav
August 12th, 2018  
Awesome shot! I REALLY like it - and I think your now have a new technique under your belt!
So sorry for your hair (lol!!) but this is well worth it!
Your narrative made me smile!! A FAV!!
August 12th, 2018  
Great shot.
August 12th, 2018  
A fabulous and very successful shot! Lovely colours.
August 12th, 2018  
Wow what a cool idea - great result too Jackie
August 12th, 2018  
I love it, a huge fav. Love the subject, love the title, love the story. Well worth double pneumonia and frizzy hair.
August 12th, 2018  
Brilliant capture love it Fav
August 13th, 2018  
Very cool! Fav.
August 13th, 2018  
Jackie - I almost put the wrong tag for the eotb challenge and noticed that you did as well.
There is no hyphen in the tag - it is just eotb99 .
Would hate to see you miss out with this challenge!
August 13th, 2018  
Super photo; your efforts are appreciated!
August 13th, 2018  
August 13th, 2018  
@lanikyea yup!! My reaction too as I actually succeeded!!
@amyk ohhh, thank you
@365karly1 I was very wet as well as cool. Thank you
@onewing thanks Babs, glad you smiled
@365anne I like to play, so nice not to be despondent after so many ' not quite rights'
@ludwigsdiana the play park has painted ground, which I didn't even notice at time I was photographing!! Thank you
@gillian1912 many thanks Gillian
@farmreporter thank you Wendy. I so nearly let the weather stop me. Thanks for eotb tip too.
@casablanca many many thanks, I might try this out again, in sunshine
@joansmor thanks Joan, nice to begin to nail a different and difficult technique
@suemcqueen apparently. But it does help if it works straight away I find!!!
@quietpurplehaze you should see the remaining 129- not good.

Thank you all for your lovely compliments and supportive comments. So lovely to find this on PP when I browsed t this morning. Have a good Monday all x
August 13th, 2018  
This is great - mission accomplished!
Also, love the idea of people mistaking you for an OAP speed camera wannabe :))))
August 14th, 2018  
@4rky We have them out in the villages- pointing hairdryers at cars!!
August 14th, 2018  
I can't get past "chucking it down" I am saving that for later use hahahaha
love the image too
August 16th, 2018  
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