Slip Sliding Away by 30pics4jackiesdiamond

Slip Sliding Away

Frogger challenged me to use my extension tubes to create an abstract from oil, water and soap. Thank you Tim, a great challenge.

I used my 18-135 lens so could zoom in, but it did make the camera a little unstable on the tripod. I kept moving the stack of books balancing the glass and the the three lights closer to the edge of the light box for camera to get better a view. ERROR!!

The whole lot lost balance and toppled, I had to rescue camera, oily- soapy glass, lights and box. I think I might be part octopus!!

Anyway, a bit of a play with cropping, selective colour, sharpenning and faffing- hope you approve Tim!

It's my turn to upload to Thedarkroom today

February 18th, 2020  
February 18th, 2020  
It's a sea monster!
February 18th, 2020  
what a great spill you had, hope everything else is still in working order. I like the shapes and colours of your abstract.
February 18th, 2020  
A Medusa alien!
February 18th, 2020  
Love the patterns colours make before they finally mix, Great shot Jackie
February 18th, 2020  
Nice job. Sorry for the catastrophe while doing it. I remember balancing a casserole dish on books with the water and the oil and food coloring and worrying about what I was doing.
February 19th, 2020  
Cool monster! It reminds me of a forked willow on a foggy day.
February 19th, 2020  
@haskar okayyyy
@randystreat I was so lucky Cathy, I could have smashed the glass, got oil and soap all over carpet, smashed the lights and toppled camera!!
@365anne this photography lark is fun!!
@wakelys I though of a Minion
@ludwigsdiana it was fun giving it a go and learning more about the macro tubes
@salza very Dr Who!?
@moviegal1 thanks
February 19th, 2020  
Well done.
February 19th, 2020  
@sdutoit not again for a while!!
February 19th, 2020  
So glad all that crashing,smashing and spilling didn't happen.
February 19th, 2020  
I missed this when you first posted it. I've made these sorts of abstracts, before. It helps to put a colorful light source below the pan. I use a iPad. A phone might work, too. The trouble I have is positioning the tripod so that the camera looks downward. I have a Joby Gorilla tripod, now. That can be positioned in all sorts of odd ways. I think I'll try that next time.
February 22nd, 2020  
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