B is for...... by 30pics4jackiesdiamond

B is for......

She had only just emerged from her nymph stage and he pounced

Wasn't sure whether to post, it's very closely cropped

Got a better one here on TheDarkroom's pages, where we're capturing action!
so glad you posted it! Terrific color and and detail!
June 3rd, 2020  
gosh! I saw two flying while coupled today :-)
June 3rd, 2020  
Great composition and presentation.
June 3rd, 2020  
Aww, great capture
June 3rd, 2020  
What a great find. B is for bugger, he caught me.
June 3rd, 2020  
What a find. Very nice shot.
June 3rd, 2020  
Colour & detail are wonderful...
June 3rd, 2020  
B is for beautiful. I love the colours.
June 3rd, 2020  
Poor girl! Hasn't even stretched her wings for a proper fly yet!
June 3rd, 2020  
time waits for no dragonfly apparently ;)
June 3rd, 2020  
Brilliant. Well done.
June 3rd, 2020  
@billyboy very kind thanks for that B
@koalagardens Blimey, so true,
@casablanca B for banging headache!
@wakelys they're so iridescent and usually too blooming quick

@happysnaps thank you
@shutterbug49 the ready we're flitting, these were b for busy! @happysnaps brilliantly iridescent
@shutterbug49 Both were content to pose
@onewing an excellent B Babs!!!
@dutchothotmailcom thank you
@larrysphotos between you and me, I just pointed camera they were too busy to see me
@anniesue I spotted a few like that
@grammyn very kind Katy, thank you
June 3rd, 2020  
Very colorful.
June 3rd, 2020  
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