Well done Peter for placing 1st in this weeks top 20 chart. Peter has been in focus this week as we featured him in an interview, he also won last weeks theme of Faces, what a hero! I'm starting to think I should be charging him for all this publicity! :-p

A huge congratulations to everybody featured in our top 20 today, has it changed much from last week?

This chart is compiled from data collected from the site, including favs, comments and views. Any photo on the site can make it in to this chart, not just photos added recently.

1) you looking at me? by Peter Van Allen

2) Low Tide by Brad Johnson

3) Village of Color by Michael Goodling

4) The Moon Mistress by Malena

5) ancient mariners by Peter Van Allen

6) Strutting His Stuff by Suzie Townsend

7) X_SQ by Carl Rice

8) who wants a cookie? by Jill Montes

9) Reunited by Ashley

10) Metamorphosis by Karen Hofmann

  1. you looking at me? by petervanallen

  2. Low Tide by bradsworld

  3. Village of Color by mtg176

  4. The Moon Mistress by malena

  5. ancient mariners by petervanallen

  6. Strutting His Stuff by stownsend

  7. X_SQ by thrillskills

  8. who wants a cookie? by do11face

  9. Reunited by AshleyMiller

  10. Metamorphosis by chevymom

  11. Age 14_Died of a Broken Heart by Weezilou

  12. Simply Cheerios by lauren211

  13. Thoughts by lusterl

  14. Is that me? by bill_d

  15. gota lota gottle by blightygal

  16. Best Friends by gavincci

  17. Driving on... by lusterl

  18. Floating by cindy

  19. Whispers by loriromp

  20. Day 121: Hands by raineepaz

posted June 18th, 2010
posted June 18th, 2010
great work all!
posted June 18th, 2010
I'm honored to have my photo here among such amazing works of art.

Fabulous job everyone and congratulations!
posted June 18th, 2010
Gorgeous selection!! I think I've already added most of these to my 'fav-s" ;-))
posted June 18th, 2010
Great work everyone! So much inspiration in the top picks this week. Keep up the fantastic work everyone!!
posted June 18th, 2010
oh wow, crazy. I never expected to be in the top 10 ever! I feel extremely honored to be up there.
posted June 18th, 2010
another great set of photos!
posted June 19th, 2010
Ahhh! Love these :)
posted June 19th, 2010
Oh wow my picture is number 9 I am shocked! I never expected to make it onto this list at all! :)
posted June 19th, 2010
Amazing as always and no surprise to see some of my favorites topping the list! Nice work everyone! Special nod to Brad here... that man can seriously rock the iPhone!
posted June 19th, 2010
Nice to see many I consider 'friends' as they have given me some encouraging and much needed feedback! Well done to you all! You are soooo talented! I need all the inspiration I can get and you prvide masses of it! ;)
posted June 19th, 2010
Peter you are hogging the spotlight this week! Lol! Just kidding you deserve every bit of attention! I'm a big fan of your work! Thanks for sharing it with this community so we can be inspired!
posted June 19th, 2010
congrats to all!!
posted June 19th, 2010
The top 10 are amazing...especially Peter's #1!! Love it! Congratulations to all for getting your photo in the top 20!
posted June 19th, 2010
Wow, I missed most of these this week! They're great photos though! Well done! :)
posted June 21st, 2010
Beautiful work everyone :)
posted June 21st, 2010
omg # 16! thank you guys!!! wasnt expecting this..... thanks soo much!
posted June 21st, 2010
It's humbling to be selected to sit amongst so many whose work I admire! Congratulations to you all, and thanks, Ross, for the showcase!
posted June 22nd, 2010
I am so honored to be in the Top 20, thank you very much :)
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