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Our 4th entry in our 365ers series comes from Froi Rivera, a photographer I have personally been following since he started, his work is truly amazing. I hope you enjoy this interview. The Interview Tell us a little bit about yourself I am from the Manila, Philippines, a country most known for the boxing champ Manny ''Pacman'' Paquiao. Living in a... Read more
Just recently I've been looking at the ever increasing number of interesting statistics coming out of 365 Project. Now it has grown greater than just myself, we have thousands of uploads every day and the information coming out is just incredible to look at. In this post I have collected some basic usage data of the different cameras people are using... Read more
Well done Peter for placing 1st in this weeks top 20 chart. Peter has been in focus this week as we featured him in an interview, he also won last weeks theme of Faces, what a hero! I'm starting to think I should be charging him for all this publicity! :-p A huge congratulations to everybody featured in our top 20... Read more
We've made it to the 3rd entry in our 365ers series, a collection of interviews from some of the great photographers at 365 Project. This week we have the amazing Peter Van Allen, every day his work blows my mind, a constant stream of stunning and creative images. Something we can all aspire to. The Interview Hi Peter, could you tell us... Read more
We've had a few questions lately about white balance and how it works, here's a quick how to of using white balance to great effect in your images. The colour of light To understand how the white balance feature on your camera works, you first need to understand the different types of light out there. You may be thinking to yourself that... Read more
Congratulations to Vicky G who came #1 in this weeks top 20 chart. The 365 community has really excelled itself with some stunning photos, have yours made it? We would love to hear your opinion on these photos, let us know in the comments. The list is compiled from data collected from the site, including favs, comments and views. Any photo... Read more
Welcome to the 2nd instalment of our 365ers series. A selection of interviews with some of the cool kids around 365 Project. This week we have the wonderful Tiffany giving us an insight in to her creative mind. The Interview Tell us a little bit about yourself I am 20 years old. I call Auburn, AL my hometown. I will be attending... Read more
Another great post from Noupe today, I've never done much Architecture photography but these examples are just wow. See all the shots over on Noupe... 50 Beautiful Examples of Architecture Photography Read more
This we've week our users have been focusing on the themes of Faces and Shadows, can you see any influence of this in our top 20? 1) There are some things you just can't live without. by Lauren Dahlhauser 2) Friday I'm in Love by Debbie Shelby 3) TIME by jaydee hiroyito 4) First butterfly of the season by Bill Dodsworth 5) Photoshop can do... Read more
Once upon a time, we had a blog, it was fun while it lasted but eventually, like a discarded can of coke, it fizzled out. Today we have thrown out the old and embraced the new, we are delighted to announce that the blog has been revamped, revised and re-something-elsed! We have a whole load of new ideas to keep it... Read more
This is the first in a series of interviews we will be showing on the blog with members from the 365 Project. Hopefully you will enjoy reading about some of your fellow 365ers. We start off with Carl. Carl has been doing his 365 Project for almost 5 months, I've been following him since he joined and he has continued... Read more
This week marks the start of the Official Top 20 Chart from The 365 Project. It's been designed to showcase the best and the boldest from the site this week. The list is compiled from data collected from the site, including favs, comments and views. Any photo on the site can make it in to this chart, not just photos added... Read more