1) Day and Night by Laurie

2) Frosty Morning by Paula W

3) Easy like Tuesday morning by 🐞Lucy Dolittle

4) Rookery: Egret or Heron? by Alice Burghart

5) Horse by Shepherdman's Wife

6) Curls and Pearls by *lynn

7) pumping waves by seasnappi (hettie)

8) CubAna and Tangerines... by AnaZad

9) Rear Window by Michael Elliott

10) The Crypt by Hazel

11) A Thousand Springs by Lisa

12) Dear Lord, by April Milani

13) Does money make the world go around? by AnaZad

14) a blue carpet...... by Hazel

15) Teardrop by Tracy

16) One Happy Springer by Roz Greening

17) Breakfast at Lucy's by 🐞Lucy Dolittle

18) "Who me ? A Sitting Duck" by Graham Thresher

19) Suppertime by *lynn

20) "Watching Me, Watching You !" by Graham Thresher

  1. Day and Night by luvmynynix

  2. Frosty Morning by paulaw

  3. Easy like Tuesday morning by lucypics

  4. Rookery: Egret or Heron? by libertylady

  5. Horse by shepherdmanswife

  6. Curls and Pearls by lynnz

  7. pumping waves by hettie

  8. CubAna and Tangerines... by anazad511

  9. Rear Window by michaelelliott

  10. The Crypt by quietpurplehaze

  11. A Thousand Springs by pflaume

  12. Dear Lord, by aprilmilani

  13. Does money make the world go around? by anazad511

  14. a blue carpet...... by quietpurplehaze

  15. Teardrop by tw

  16. One Happy Springer by roz2012

  17. Breakfast at Lucy's by lucypics

  18. "Who me ? A Sitting Duck" by thresheg

  19. Suppertime by lynnz

  20. "Watching Me, Watching You !" by thresheg

posted March 29th, 2014
awesome weekly collection
posted March 29th, 2014
What great photos and so nice to see a quite a few by friends I follow.

Well done on the doubles Lucy, AnaZad, Hazel, Lynn and Graham. Could you all please stop being so good now and give the rest of us a chance?

@anazad511 @lucypics @thresheg @quietpurplehaze @lynnz
posted March 29th, 2014
Fabulous choices! Congratulations to all.
posted March 29th, 2014
Congratulations everyone. Wonderful photos.
posted March 30th, 2014
Well done. Very nice selection.
posted April 2nd, 2014
Great top 20!
posted August 20th, 2018
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