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"Life is just about breath. There's no past; there's no future; there's just the eternal present. We can get lost in trying to name things. It's about relationships and conversations with people who care about you".

Julian Schnabel {artist & film-maker}

I live in the south of England and I'm in my 4th year of 365: Dali's portrayal of the elasticity of time appeals to me: for me, this site definitely has the power to make time contract.

My interest in photography began when I was given a Finepix p&s camera about 12 years ago. Now I use a Panasonic Lumix TZ25, a Fuji X20 and a Sony a6000.

I've always loved language and words and now also to find a love of photography, and time to indulge it, is a precious gift.

Photography, also, for me, supports 'carpe diem': seize the day, the hour, the moment....

My PP shots:

My trending shots:

Once I had a shot on TT (no 7)

Another time I had 2 shots on TT (nos 10 and 14)