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Hard to believe that I've just started my year 3 of 365: Dali's portrayal of the elasticity of time has always appealed to me. Time definitely contracts when I'm immersed in 365 whether it's taking/choosing/sorting/uploading photos; or commenting and conversing with my friends here.

I started with a p&s camera which I loved and which, for me, was like a revelation.. Now I have something a bit more sophisticated and have studied in a digital photography workshop. I've learnt so much on this site.

Photography supports my efforts to live by 'carpe diem': if you don't seize the moment for a shot, you usually lose it.

My other passions include books (possessing them as well as reading them), languages, music, (mostly baroque classical, especially Vivaldi), swimming, Jinkswalking (my Cairn terrier), art and T'ai Chi.

365 is a fabulous site to be part of and I can't imagine not being a part of it now. Thanks, as ever, to my friend, Jackie, who told me about it.

My PP shots:

My trending shots: