1) Swan and loving Cygnet by Graham Thresher

2) Spoon Reflections by Babs

3) transparent by Annie D

4) Day dreaming by ~*~ Jo ~*~

5) Corduroy Field by *lynn

6) Any I-Deer ....... by Jennifer

7) Trading this cloudy weather for some full sunshine... by Denise Wood

8) Bee by tony gig

9) Hummer Searches for Natural Food by TaffyR

10) A fleeting capture by Shepherdman's Wife

11) 2016-08-05 rainy day by Mona

12) lemon by Graeme Stevens

13) Famous Pursuiters by PTP: Past their Prime

14) Turf wars. by sally agnew

15) Reflected Clouds by Islandgirl

16) Happisburgh Lighthouse by Alan Simpson

17) Morning's Glow by Wendy

18) The Big House by Rosie Kerr

19) the robin pose by Hazel

20) By the Lake by Lois

  1. Swan and loving Cygnet by thresheg

  2. Spoon Reflections by onewing

  3. transparent by annied

  4. Day dreaming by ziggy77

  5. Corduroy Field by lynnz

  6. Any I-Deer ....... by jesperani

  7. Trading this cloudy weather for some full sunshine... by gilbertwood

  8. Bee by tonygig

  9. Hummer Searches for Natural Food by taffy

  10. A fleeting capture by shepherdmanswife

  11. 2016-08-05 rainy day by mona65

  12. lemon by graemestevens

  13. Famous Pursuiters by pasttheirprime

  14. Turf wars. by hermann

  15. Reflected Clouds by radiogirl

  16. Happisburgh Lighthouse by alansimpson

  17. Morning's Glow by exposure4u

  18. The Big House by rosiekerr

  19. the robin pose by quietpurplehaze

  20. By the Lake by loweygrace

August 16th, 2016
How great to see the TT back again! Thanks Ross, some wonderful shots here.
August 17th, 2016
I'm so glad the Top Twenty is back!
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