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Year 5 2017 Couldn't have predicted 5 years ago that I'd still be participating on the site, but now it's simply a part of my life. I try to post daily, but don't worry if I can't. I enjoy seeing the world through the eyes of my photo friends on the site. I'm still in Chicago, retired from my university position and transitioning out of leadership in the educational consulting company I co-founded. More time for photography ahead. A goal is to learn more about PS this year and organize my increasing stack of external drives with way too many images on them!

Year 4 2016
I live in the U.S.A., in Chicago during the academic year and summer on Beaver Island, a small (15 miles X 3 to 5 miles) Lake Michigan island off the northwest coast of Michigan. After 35 years as a professor in literacy education, I'm almost retired and looking forward to having more time for photography.

Fourth year on Project 365!
Year 1 was about developing the habit of photography and the eye in the everyday.
Year 2 was about practicing techniques, responding to themes, practice in general
Year 3 was about learning LightRoom and post processing skills.
Year 4 was about having fun with photography!

Thank you for your willingness to view and comment on my photos. I do appreciate it! I respond to questions and occasional comments that invite a response, but mostly instead of individual thanks, I use the time to visit, view, and comment on your photos in return.

Favorite types of photography: long exposure water shots, cityscapes, night photography, animals, nature,black & white.

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