Go Croatia Go by cherrymartina

Go Croatia Go

I was curious how will this World Championship fit with the advent, but so far it is quite interesting and fun. I might consider having a red and white Christmas tree, but lets see how it goes in the next week...
Good luck Croatia, your team has the best shirts and colors !
December 4th, 2022  
Red and white checks (gingham) is often used on Christmas decorations in the "country style".
December 4th, 2022  
@randystreat, Red and white combination is very decorative. But since it is our national amblem on the flag, it might get even more popular this Christmas...
December 5th, 2022  
@laroque, Thank you! Lets see where the popular "squares" take us...
December 5th, 2022  
@cherrymartina And they won against Japan. Well done.
December 6th, 2022  
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