HP Lovecraft: The man who haunted horror fans

posted March 23rd, 2012
No other reason to post this BBC link about the fact horror fans have been marking the death of writer HP Lovecraft, who died 75 years ago, EXCEPT that one of the pics on this link was taken by my brother....


posted March 23rd, 2012
lol, i read your blurb then looked at the link and found the picture with your brothers name on it, thinking it was actually a picture of him and couldn't find anything linking him to the story and wondered why a picture of your brother was randomly on this page, i read your thing again and then realised it was TAKEN by your brother and the dude was actually one of the writers!! having his name on the dudes shoulder totally confused me as a caption rather than a signature :)
posted March 23rd, 2012
I would have posted it too, if that was my brother:) Nice job Andy's brother!
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