Third Party Camera Batteries

posted December 26th, 2017
I recently treated myself to a new camera which uses Canon LP-E6N batteries. The cost of Canon batteries of this type is around £75. The cost of third party batteries is around or less than a quarter of that price.

Full of enthusiasm I have been watching a lot of Youtube clips about my new camera and one clip suggested that Canon batteries will last for around two years with normal use, however the third party batteries will deteriorate at a much faster rate.

If any members have cameras using this type of battery, what are your observations and experiences with either genuine Canon batteries or those made by a third party?

Many thanks.
posted December 26th, 2017
I don't have experience with Canon, but have a Nikon battery and a Duracell spare. I've had the spare for about a year now and haven't noticed any noticeable deterioration. From a full charge it doesn't seem to last as long as the Nikon one, but it's still decent. The battery meter is more reliable than the Nikon - it goes down steadily rather than dropping from 3 bars to nothing in a few hours.

Hope this is helpful. I've spoken to other people who have also used Duracell batteries and they all agree that they're good value
posted December 26th, 2017
I have a the off brand, and I always get a warning sign when I insert it into the camera. Sometimes my camera acts weird when I use it so I just stopped using it. Not sure if it will hurt the camera, but I decided to just not risk it and use the expensive Canon batteries.

That being said, some of my old Canon batteries are over 6 years old and still working, but they don't hold the charge as well now, but I can still shoot all day with them
posted December 27th, 2017
I think overall life depends on your shooting/charging/use. I had my original Canon battery that came with my 60D and it was 6 years old and I didn't notice any deterioration, but I'm also not shooting for entire days or anything.

posted December 27th, 2017
I have 7D Mark ii with original battery and two third party ones in case I need backup. I very rarely need the backup. My original still holds a charge, as do the others, but the others drain a bit faster.
posted December 27th, 2017
In my case, with third party nikon batteries I can take less shots that with the original... Also battery drains faster
posted December 28th, 2017
I have had the same experience as Daryl. The third party ones seem to drain much faster but I keep them as backups.
posted December 28th, 2017
The particular Youtube video that I watched was suggesting the third party batteries were OK for about two to three months and then virtually died. With my previous camera (Canon EOS 700D) the batteries were much cheaper and I used third party batteries in exactly the same way as I used the original Canon one, with no adverse effects.

The battery for the 6D Mark II is more expensive than those for the 700D; hence my enquiry. I am currently running it with two third party batteries and the original Cannon one. Time will tell.

Many thanks for comments above.

posted December 28th, 2017
@lumpiniman You cannot trust anyone on YouTube. He probably has an Amazon affilate link in the video description where you can buy genuine Canon batteries - he gets a bigger commission on genuine Canon batteries than on cheaper third party batteries.

I have used third party batteries in my Canons without any problems. Some times the mAh rating is lower than the original battery but often the cells are the same as the original only with a different brand name.
posted December 29th, 2017
I had some third-party batteries for my Canon 7Dll, and never had any problem with them. Ditto for my current camera, a FujiFilm X-T2. I buy mine online from a place that specialises in batteries of all kinds.
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