25th January 2019 by emmadurnford

25th January 2019

This morning we had the first sale resulting from all my Gumtree photography. Hannah from Kew came over and bought 13 of our 26 demijohns. I asked if she was into wine making but apparently not, she is actually going to make hand crafted lamps and these will be the bases. I am intrigued to see the results.

Later in the day although we felt pretty tired from all the work in the loft, we headed up town to Canary Wharf for the penultimate day of the ‘Winter Lights’ show. I took my big camera and we were really glad we had made the effort. I had seen a piece on the BBC local news and so, apparently had a lot of other people. Here is a link to some other images as it was difficult to choose just the one - https://www.facebook.com/pg/EmmaDurnfordPhotography/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2200197090032960&__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARBHWx-P6KfoH_RrYoy4tSY9oxKfaTGxPc1DMNbuhMIiHE6OdW1P2tQYfGtT2nbG5Oy-lPkp403x2DSbyJr-DX1kpYmNdnl_5W4j44u2Yd6e1fX8IE65kUzca8d5m3B6i4olRFd3HQQRemM0be5DBAeicsp_ybvxSOQ-5o6_pYLs9GaZNB1Wcm5qX3KLXfsJvlEWc7tqhp_3B7ZzgcOo1bOwizHl43uF08UHX32MDoGHqOmprXDVZIyNbZW4SFwdnqcidE501XE5SQrMdP0lmn2dQI01KQGCA8yPjEKWD38dVKrnsK1PtDfATq-lSyyfyK94vC8PmJQT5264IUhu6MCO8qRAiImyyBNJDqSE39UG7yc3U5sMoBYUtGmAMS9emarwY5qcRo9N8wmXROlL9mgD1rh2DaududGDRHSQDu8UGA7V9D09k9cAcp_9PumGTpZNjeqMIalkLzWfbAC3&__tn__=-UC-R

This is a view through the ’Heofon Light Maze’ by Ben Busche - this is an old English word for the sky. A light maze with continually changing lights which made for great effects with visitors inside
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