16th March 2019 by emmadurnford

16th March 2019

Very windy Bushy Park run today with twigs flying! About 30 seconds off last weeks time and I came in directly behind the 29 minute pacer chap who had put a spurt on and so I finished at 28:54 in position 717 as my token shows (and also Washington’s parting nibble!).

It was drizzling and I didn’t feel great in the afternoon - I’ve never experienced the endorphin rush from exercise so I snoozed. We then drove over to Woking for Chris’s birthday dinner. The meal was nice but the town, one way system and road works were not and we arrived twenty minutes late. It was a bit of a nightmare and even more so when we tried to get back into the car park to collect the car. All the lifts appeared to be shut off so we had to walk the entire distance up the car ramps for 3 floors.

I think there was some surprise that I had not bought a birthday cake but I am still smarting a little from a lack of card on my past two birthdays and although I do not expect presents, the delivery of them over three weeks after my birthday at someone else birthday do is just rather rude! I think the message may have sunk in…
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